The Life Coach for Dentists

“Dr. Alan Stern has been a strong, positive influence on me, both personally and professionally. I am proud to consider him a mentor, and every interaction between us only helps me further on my journey. With the deepest respect, I will forever be able to thank Alan.”
Dr. Ben Klayman

“Being able to better understand myself was the most important step towards excellence. Dr. Stern’s guidance has provided my family members and patients with the best version of me. A lot of blind spots have been eliminated so I can better understand and enjoy life and Dentistry. In the beginning I didn’t know I could have so many benefits from Alan’s coaching . Thank you, Dr. Alan Stern for all you’ve done!”

– Frederico Diego Lima, DDS

“I was introduced to Dr. Stern by his daughter, who mentioned he really enjoys mentoring and guiding others. I spoke to him, and he shared with me his own hardships throughout his life and career. Dr. Stern pointed out there will always be moments in our past, present, and future that may be difficult, but he also pointed out these moments can make you stronger. He was there during a lot of these moments for me, I appreciate his guidance as I attained my degree and began my career as a Dental Hygienist. His mentoring made me stronger, wiser, and more motivated. I owe Dr. Stern my career, and I can’t thank him enough for all he has done.”

-Florinda Noonan, RDH

“Over the past five years Dr Stern and I drank countless coffees, shared countless jokes, and more importantly, he shared VALUABLE LIFE AND BUSINESS LESSONS WITH ME. His guidance, motivation, clarity have helped me grow and have helped me expand my flourishing business.

I am, grateful to Alan for his time, guidance, and coaching. As little as fifteen minutes of REAL TALK COACHING with you, Dr Alan Stern can help anyone begin to refocus, dig deep to strive for their goals, and GET OUT OF THEIR OWN WAY.”

-Stephen E Ingram

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The Life Coach for Dentists

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The Life Coach for Dentists

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