The Life Coach for Dentists

Dr. Stern uses his knowledge and experience to engage audiences and discuss the connections between dentistry and life in general. Dr. Stern uses a unique and practical presentation approach to drive profits. You will leave with a new outlook on life that promotes growth, success, and efficiency in all aspects of your life. His presentations include:

  • Better, Richer, Stronger – A Guide to Prosperity in Turbulent Times
  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Relationships
  • Relationship Centered Dentistry

What Makes Dr. Stern Different?

Dr. Stern challenges his audience to transform their perspectives by using humor and positivity. You will learn how to change your mindset regarding your work and your life. See how achieving a clear mindset can help you reach your goals and eliminate feelings of burnout.

Building relationships and connections is the hallmark of the “Better, Richer, Stronger” concept. Dr. Stern is able to tailor his presentation to engage and appeal to groups large and small.


Better, Richer, Stronger - Dr. Alan G. Stern / The Life Coach for Dentists
804 West Park Ave. Ocean, NJ 07712 / (732) 493-8030

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The Life Coach for Dentists

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The Life Coach for Dentists

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