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I’ve seen a lot in my 36- plus years of practicing dentistry.


I’m one of those guys who dreamed of achievement and significance but never thought I could attain it. What I wanted always seemed out of reach for a little guy like myself. And as I struggled through college, dental school, and the first three decades of my career, I saw myself as an underdog attaining little scraps of success, but never hitting pinnacle and never achieving the clinical, spiritual,  or material success that (I thought) others had attained.


I went to all the courses with all the greats of our profession. I hung out with some of our profession’s greatest. I learned from and befriended all of them.

I built a practice from scratch in an area overpopulated with dentists. I made so many of the mistakes we all read about and suffered the consequences. I sought and received some very expensive pieces of advice from people whose guidance steered me into tremendous financial distress with no way to work through it .

My patients love me. My team loves me (especially the one I married one week before dental school began). My work is good. My peers like me (or at least pretend to do so) and I love them all.

In addition to building a practice, I’ve done some pretty cool things in my career- from influencing the vote of a 600,000 person county to defeat a potentially disastrous garbage incinerator proposed for our area to overseeing our county’s waste management plan for the ensuing 21 years,  to leading our Jewish community through a very turbulent time, to raising two incredible young adults.


Yet, there was a pain and misery inside me that never seemed to go away. I felt dumb, poor, inferior, and hopeless.  I saw myself as an inadequate clinician, a mediocre husband and father, a financial underachiever, and a ne’er – do -well. Underneath my happy, joking, fun loving exterior was a deep seeded pain that never went away…. Until a few years ago


Deep into my middle- age years, I encountered some coaches and advisers who showed me that life is not so bad and how to make myself, my practice, and my life better. My chiropractor, Dr Raj Gupta, started my journey to health and fitness. My nutritionist, Dr Tom Bilella, whipped me into nutritional shape. My wonderful friend, Dr Frank Graziano, introduced me to financial adviser Jim DiNardo, who set me on a course to remedy my money issues.  My Guardian Angel, Marilee Sears, provided me with business guidance and encouragement to spread the word to my profession that happiness and prosperity are within everyone’s reach if we have the drive and discipline to seek it. The knowledge and inspiration I received from these wonderful people and mentors like Mary Osborne and the great people at the Pankey Institute helped me create Better, Richer, Stronger and my magnificent wife, Fran Copeland Stern, stood by me through it all. I am so grateful.



My purpose is multi- dimensional


  • To coach my peers to a healthier way to see the world, to view their practices, and to live
  • To influence and change the way we think about our careers and practices
  • To show dentists how to create a vision and mission for work and life using a positive mindset that is not taught in dental schools.


It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 36 years into my career, I am living proof that this is so true. Today, I am Better, Richer, and Stronger than ever! My energy for dental practice and for the profession of dentistry is higher than ever. And, as our imperfect, changing world seems to pressure private practitioners into extinction, I know that we can, indeed, thrive if we stay focused on what’s really important.


I will use and supplement the lessons I have learned to help you build a career that prospers you. If you are ready to begin your journey for fulfillment, I am here. Life is good, Enjoy the ride!

Better, Richer, Stronger - Dr. Alan G. Stern / The Life Coach for Dentists
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