Staying Strong IS SO Important. Here’s One Good Reason

I was in a car accident last Friday, rear-ended while I was standing still. My car is repairable and will be OK. So will I. In fact, I am in far less discomfort than I or my chiropractor anticipated. I am convinced that this is due to 3 factors: 1- The gentleman who hit me swerved before impact and only hit the right rear corner of my car. 2- I have a well-made car. 3- and most importantly- my core strength is very, very good, thanks to the training I take in our gym.

We are engaged in a profession that is physically demanding. We need to be able to sit, stand, walk, bend, focus, look up, look down, loot to the sides, and move in ways that take a toll on us (that’s why they call it work) This requires a fair degree of strength and stamina.

If our bodies are not functioning properly or if we are in pain, our work and our temperament get disrupted. Dentists are known to be at risk for back issues. I happen to be a poster boy for that. Thank goodness (in the form of a great chiropractor and physical therapist) I have overcome some significant back issues.

At age 64, I am stronger than ever. My exercise program combining cardio and strength training enables me to look forward to working as long as I want, to approach work and play with tremendous energy, and, as I just learned, to withstanding the stress of a significant impact.

I am under no delusion that I am indestructible or that a more powerful impact could have had far more severe consequences. But I do know that my conditioning is a gift that keeps on giving.

Is your physical condition conducive to being your best? Do you do 150 minutes of cardio and two resistance training sessions a week? Can your workouts be improved? Have you engaged a trainer or, at least, done some research and reading on conditioning?

Stay strong and live healthy. I can do it. YES, YOU CAN, TOO!